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Define unbelievable

Quick definitions from Macmillan ( incredible ) adjective surprising, or difficult to believe more... used for showing that you are surprised, angry, or disappointed about something more... used about something that is extremely good more... used for saying how great or extreme something is more... Provided by.

We often describe things as “legendary”— for example, we would say that Babe Ruth is a legend of baseball and Elvis is a rock and roll legend, “legendary” in popular culture. II. Example of a Legend. Read the short story below: Alongside the river in Old Usquepaugh, Rhode Island is an old grist mill that was built the 1700s.

unbelievable adjective uk / ˌʌn.bɪˈliː.və.b ə l / us / ˌʌn.bɪˈliː.və.b ə l / unbelievable adjective (SURPRISING) B1 extremely surprising: She eats an unbelievable amount of food. You've had such bad luck it's unbelievable. You should see her wardrobe - it's unbelievable - she's got about 50 pairs of shoes. More examples.

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Jodi Brown says her daughter and niece were ignored by a costumed character during a visit to the Sesame Place theme park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Brown shares with CNN's Victor Blackwell.

Define incredible. Incredible as a adjective means Seeming too unusual or improbable to be possible.. Dictionary ... Not credible; unbelievable. adjective. 16. 5. So implausible as to elicit disbelief; unbelievable. Gave an incredible explanation of the cause of.

A term popularised by Chris Kamara of Sky Sports News in the UK. It is used when in shock as though something is above unbelievable or near impossible.

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